The Top 3 Complaints Clients Have Before Finding Compliancehelp


“I have a huge manual, no-one ever opens it and we can’t understand it anyway!”

My Response:
ISO 9001 is meant to be a user-friendly management system which reflects and compliments your business. Compliancehelp produce exactly this and everyone loves it!

What my clients say:
“I was expecting a document the size of the Sydney phone book”.  Another Manager promptly responded “[I was expecting] 2 Sydney phone books”

“Extremely happy, expected it to be longer process.”

“Already started to give benefits, the certificate just caps it off.”

“What was implemented was excellent.”
Dave Hackett, DGH Engineering (Director)


“The certification process will interrupt my business and take my workers away from their main focus for too long!”

My Response:
The consultant will spend approximately 2-3 days onsite in the first week then perhaps 2 days prior to certification. Most of that time is spent uninterrupted with one delegated representative from your business and doesn’t take workers away from their tasks unless invited.

What my clients say:
“A big relief. I would recommend Damon to anyone.

Helped by blowing air into our sails.

Simplified the idea of what QA is to make it such an painless experience   Such a relief to not be over-regulated.  Disruption to the business was minimised.”
Stepahinie Gustafson, Australis Engineering (Director)


“It costs too much and won’t do much for us anyway!”

My Response:
The Quality Management System has proved to be extremely rewarding for both new businesses and also well established companies. Large contracts become a reality, workplace cultures and attitudes change, processes are more efficient and customers are happier–see what our clients say!

What my clients say:
“With Damon’s guidance, we have been able to qualify and receive certification in two standards, ISO 9001:2000 and AS/NZS 4801:2001, in 3 months. The benefits to our company have already been felt and our profitability can only increase as we have more satisfied customers.”
Warwick Spiller, Australian Panel Tanks (Managing Director) Click here to view a case study for Australian Panel Tanks

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