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Energy consumption is a major challenge faced by the human race in this modern age. Many environmental problems have emerged from our use of several types of energy. The International Organisation for Standardisation or ISO realised the importance of a standard that can help control energy consumption, and so they created ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard to deal with energy consumption in businesses.

Utilised by large and small businesses all over the world to oversee and diminish energy use and expenses, ISO 50001 is a superior structure that facilitates the implementation of an Energy Management System or EnMS.

Regardless of whether you're determined to adopt the ISO 50001 standard to lessen costs, comply with requirements, or improve management, this standard gives an efficient way to deal with accomplishing all three.

What is an Energy Management System?

An EnMS is a series of policies and techniques set up to follow, comply, and plan for energy consumption. ISO 50001 utilises the well-known Plan-Do-Check-Act model for continuous system improvement.

An EnMS coordinates energy management into regular business frameworks and methods. The objective is to help an organisation improve energy utilisation, generate investment interest, and consistently improve energy productivity.

Numerous governments are investigating and effectively supporting industry energy management, and one path to advance consistency is with the ISO 50001 standard.

EnMS has become a powerful method for governments, private, and public organisations to decrease energy use and save costs by saving or adequately utilising energy. Many recent studies have demonstrated significant energy cost savings from 10% to 70% after certification.

What is the certification process for ISO 50001?

The ISO 50001:2018 certification process, which is like ISO 14001:2015, is comprised of the following six stages:


Stage #1

You are given a proposal that depends on the size and nature of your organisation. You will then be able to continue with the review by approving the proposal;


Stage #2

You may perform a 'pre-audit' to determine the readiness of your organization for the ISO 50001 audit. This stage is optional, yet it can be considered helpful to identify shortcomings in your preparations and build certainty before the stage 1 and stage 2 audits;


Stage #3

The initial audit is called the stage 1 audit. This is an assessment of whether your EnMS complies with ISO 50001. You will receive an audit report after this stage, identifying any concerns or non-conformances. After addressing non-conformances in stage 1, you can set a date for the stage 2 audit;


Stage #4

This is the stage 2 audit. The audit includes interviews with you and your associates and a review of objective evidence (records) and the EnMS to determine compliance with ISO 50001. Toward the end of this stage, you are provided with an audit report, which will include major or minor non-conformances along with any opportunities for improvement (observations). When you have resolved the non-conformances, you will explain the corrective actions you took to the Certification Body. If the actions are approved, the Certification Body will issue certification to ISO 50001;


Stage #5

Surveillance audits will be planned at either six-month or one-year intervals depending on the agreement with the Certification Body. During the surveillance audit, you will be audited against a pre-planned list of clauses from ISO 50001. The auditor will also check that past non-conformances are resolved. Before this audit, you will be provided with an audit plan that specifies which clauses of the standard you will be audited against;


Stage #6

Right before the end of third year, start of fourth year audit, the auditor will perform a recertification audit, which restarts the 3 year cycle and you will receive a new 3 year certificate. Audits will continue as they have in a 3-year cycle.

The advantages of ISO 50001 include:

  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Energy information for evidence-based choices
  • Backing for authoritative and social change
  • Decreased impact on the environment
  • Increased work opportunities over firms that disregard energy management
  • Social responsibility
  • Carbon accounting

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How will Compliancehelp Help you?

To be certified, you need to implement the ISO 50001 energy management standard, improve your energy consumption, and conduct the stage 1 and 2 audits with an accredited third-party Certification Body.

At Compliancehelp, we will:

  • Preparation of an ISO 50001 compliant EnMS based on the needs of your organization;
  • Ensure participation of top management;
  • Help you have a program to gather, track, and break down energy data;
  • Identify key energy risks;
  • Identify and plan to meet energy and management objectives;
  • Identify and capitalise on opportunities.

Why should you choose us?

With our many years of experience working in the ISO Consultation industry, our experts know how to implement and manage effective and superior ISO 50001 compliant energy management systems. Our experts will work with you to decide the best route forward for your business, and help you structure an EnMS that will meet your business goals.

Our ISO 50001 consultants will perform a gap analysis to identify and plan how to implement the standard. They will develop your EnMS and help you get ready for certification.

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