Galvin Engineering

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System design and certification to ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management Systems or QA)

Introduction to the organisation:
Galvin Engineering performs CNC machining and metal fabrication services for automation, building and food.

The quality management system covers all the operations of Galvin Engineering.

Case Study:
on the 20th of October 2006, documentation of the Galvin Engineering quality management system commenced.  Documentation was completed two weeks later.

Because of the looming Christmas break, we had to take a break, but not before performing the internal audit.  The results of the audit were quite promising.

Back on board in the middle of January, we took stock of where we were.  Everything seemed to be going well for a certification audit.  The audit was booked for the 1st of February.

The certification audit was performed by International Certifications.  The audit went well, a few suggestions were made to help improve.  The results of the audit were as follows:

Major Corrective Actions: 0
Minor Corrective Actions: 1

Although a Christmas break in between, the Galvin Engineering were certified in just over 3 months from start to finish.

Managing Director: 
Luke Galvin
Head Office:
94 Cobalt St, Carole Park, QLD


“Easy steps to follow.  Certification went without a hitch”
Luke Galvin, Galvin Engineering (Managing Director)