Anglo Coal (Moranbah North Coal Handling Preparation Plant)

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System design and certification to ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management Systems or QA)

Introduction to the organisation:
Situated 200km southwest of Mackay, Moranbah North CHPP (Coal Handling Preparation Plant) prepares raw coal from underground mining operations to high quality coking coal.

Coal mining operations commenced at Moranbah in 1998, and continue in a well managed and efficient manner.

The quality management system prepared for Moranbah North CHPP includes processes for setting objectives and monitoring them, the operations of CHPP, purchasing, training and testing.

Case Study:
The Plant Manager for Moranbah North CHPP, Piet Meyer, requested a quality system that was simple, that reflected the operations of the site, and built up the level of documentation for the organisation.

Work commenced on the 17th of October 2006 with interviews.  The completed management system was presented to management on the 8th of November.  Approval of documentation and internal audit training were completed on the 9th of November.

An internal audit of the quality system was held over 2 days commencing 28th of November with excellent results.

Because of excellent results from the internal audit and with Christmas looming, the 18th and 19th of December was set for certification.

On the days of the certification audit, a team of auditors from International Certifications Pty Ltd arrived to perform the audit. The results of the audit were as follows:

Major Corrective Actions: 0
Minor Corrective Actions: 0
2 months after commencement of the process toward certification, Moranbah North CHPP were certified to ISO 9001:2000 with no corrective actions.

Plant Manager:
Piet Meyer / Clinton Vanderkruk

Goonyella Rd,
Moranbah, Queensland



“Worked with existing systems.  It was easy to step up and improve”

“Did exactly what was required without going overboard.  A manageable system”
Clinton Vanderkruk, Anglo Coal Moranbah North CHPP (Plant Manager)