AS/NZS 5377 E-Waste Management Certification

The Australian Government Department of the Environment and the New Zealand Ministry of Environment jointly developed the AS/NZS 5377 standard, introducing a formal approach to e-waste management systems. It specifies principles and the minimal requirements for a safe and environmentally sound collection, storage, transport, and treatment of end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment.

Since 2011, the “National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme” (NTCRS) has provided access to industry-empowered collection and recycling services to the Australian homeowners and small businesses. From its earlier days, the NTCRS has been regarded as an effective way to provide high-quality environmental outcomes. As a result of this program, many Australians in cities and remote areas now are enjoying access to free recycling of old televisions and computers.The concept of e-waste management originated from this initiative of NTCRS.

It is important for every entrepreneur to learn about the deepest levels of the standard before implementing the plan. The standard has defined a framework that requires safe and ecologically stable accumulation. It also requires a well thought out plan for end-of-life electrical and electronic devices. These devices are called e-waste. AS 5377 Standard aims to maximise the usage of the e-waste.

Listed below are some key benefits of AS 5377 Certification:

  • Provides a framework that encourages a systematic e-waste management system,
  • Reduces the number of risks and vulnerabilities related to e-waste management,
  • Reduces the chance of nonconformities with legal regulations,
  • Highlights the best practice of e-waste management,
  • Improves brand awareness and establishes the credibility and commitment of an organisation,
  • Minimizes costs such as insurance premiums, waste management costs, and many other expenses,
  • Impresses visitors and increases the brand reputation, and removes barriers to the trading world,
  • Offers competitive advantages that can help an organisation beat its competitors,
  • Demonstrates that the organisation is trusted and committed to encouraging the target audience.

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Before starting the certification, you should determine whether your existing procedures are ready to welcome a new system or not. Our premium consulting service will help examine the procedures, and if improvement is needed, we will suggest possible solutions. If you have confidence in your existing systems, you can skip this step and concentrate on gap analysis.

• Gap Analysis

We offer a gap analysis service to help identify any possible gaps or loopholes within your system. By identifying these loopholes, you will be able to fill them and increase the efficiency of the existing system.

• Readiness Review

This service will let you determine whether your systems are ready for the certification audit or not. We will minutely examine systems to ensure their readiness.

• Internal Auditing

Internal audits are a vital process that you will need to ensure your AS 5377 Certification. We have a professional, dedicated team of internal auditors who will determine whether your system is compliant with AS 5377 Standard or if any nonconformity still exists.

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