What are Quality Assurance (QA) System Standards?

Quality assurance standards (or QA for short) are a set of standards that have been chosen and implemented by businesses all around the world to show commitment to delivering quality products and services to customers

Specifically, quality assurance (or QA) standards are about meeting customer and other requirements.

To meet QA standards, a company will document how it will meet the requirements of a client or customer in a systematic, reliable fashion.

Meeting QA standards shows companies a commitment to delivering quality products and services to the purchaser.

Meeting quality assurance standards does not however guarantee a quality product, nor should the quality assurance logo or stamp of approval be placed on the product, as it is the company and not the product or service that is certified.

ISO 9001:2015 is the most recognised quality assurance or QA system standard internationally.

Why ISO 9001 Quality Assurance?

How do you get Quality Assurance (QA) certification?

The first step in getting quality assurance certification is to get your quality system set up. This is where Compliancehelp can help you. Once the system is written and implemented there are 4 steps to achieve and maintain final quality assurance certification

How quality assurance (or QA) and other standards benefit your business…

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