ISO 55001 – Asset Management Standard

ISO 55001 is an international standard designed to help organisations manage the lifecycle of their assets in the best possible way. By implementing ISO 55001,organisations will gain over daily activities, and achieve a higher return on investment. ISO 55001 provides a framework that supports the continual improvement of performance, and it speeds up overall improvement of the organisation. Implementation of ISO 55001 will lead to ISO 55001 certification, which has a number of benefits.

Key Benefits

Dealing with an organisation’s asset management efficiently is no doubt a daunting task as shareholders may have different demands. When an organisation gains ISO 55001 asset management certification, it’s easier for management to demonstrate efficiency in asset management.

This certification provides multiple benefits, including improved risk management and capital investment. Some ways that the ISO 55001 standard has helped organisations are:

1. Providing an effective asset management framework

When initiating an effective strategy for managing industrial and infrastructural assets, certain difficulties may arise. Organisations often fail to understand where they should start asset management, however with the ISO 55001 framework; management can easily determine where they should start.

2. Offering measurable benefits

Most ISO certifications offer measurable advantages, and some of these visible benefits of ISO 55001 certification are:

  • The Development of practical and predicted cash flow,
  • Efficient management of the asset’s lifecycle,
  • Fulfillment of necessary business functions,
  • Support in further improvement and business growth,
  • Increased profitability,
  • Risk management and mitigation,
  • Better brand reputation,

3. Creating competitive advantages

ISO 55001 certification helps organisations stay one step ahead of competitors. It grabs the attention of new customers, retains existing ones, and assures shareholders. After gaining this certification, organisations will be able to beat your competitor businesses that do not possess the certification.

4. Driving continual improvement

Most ISO certifications concentrate on continual improvement, and ISO 55001 certification is no exception.

To take advantage of these benefits, implement the ISO 55001 asset management standard and achieve certification. Compliancehelp can help with the process, as we have helped numerous businesses with their certification for years, and we have a dedicated team of ISO 55001 consultants.

Why should you choose us?

We are a leading ISO certification consultancy firm. There are plenty of reasons why businesses prefer working with us, such as:

Low Cost

Compliancehelp is committed to delivering a low-cost but customized asset management system that will save money and energy in the implementation stage.


An ISO certification process is lengthy; however, we help organisations achieve certification as early as possible. When working with us, expect the certification process to be finished within 90 days.

Resources to achieve and maintain the certification

Continuing to maintain the validation of certification is crucial. Each certification is valid for 3 years, and after 3 years, a new certification audit must be arranged to demonstrate compliance with the ISO standard. Compliancehelp offers maintenance services for easy renewal.

Continuous support

Our service is not a one-time affair. After finishing the certification process, we will provide continuous support.

Our approach to Asset Management Standard

Compliancehelp offers four services that cover the entire ISO 55001 Certification process. These services are:

1. Premium consulting service

We will analyse your business to determine business requirements and functions associated with asset management.

2. Gap analysis and gap filling

Our experts will perform a gap analysis to determine whether the existing system has any nonconformities. If any nonconformity is found, we will help address the issue.

3. Readiness review

With a thorough readiness review, we will determine if the system is ready for the audit, or if it needs further improvement.

4. Internal Audit

Compliancehelp has a talented team of internal auditors with expertise in ISO 55001 internal audits. They will review an organisation’s ISO 55001 asset management system to compare its performance against what was planned. If any gaps are found, the auditor will report them and provide suggestions to fill the gap.

Compliancehelp always strives to provide you with the best experience.

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