Quality Assurance for Secom Australia

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Documentation and implementation of an ISO 9001:2000 compliant quality management system (or QA).

Introduction to the organisation:
With 40 years of international experience, Secom Australia provides a full range of security services from system design and installation, servicing, monitoring (Grade A1 in accordance with AS 2201.2) including Manpower.

Industries serviced by Secom Australia include Government, industrial, commercial, construction and residential.

These guys do a great job, very thorough and serious about their business.

The quality management system covers all the operations of Secom Australia.

Case Study:
Compliancehelp was contracted to achieve certification to ISO 9001 in as brief a time as possible.  We initially planned to complete the task in 1.5 months, 30 March to 18 April 2007.

The quality management system was prepared in under 2 weeks.

The internal audit for Secom Australia was completed near the end of April.  The audit went so well that we set a date for the audit for the 1st of May.

The certification audit went very well and certification was achieved.

From start to finish, Secom Australia were certified in one month.

General Manager:
Ross Barnes
Head Office:
43 Chandos St, St Leonards, NSW



“Utterly professional and provided Secom with not only excellent service, but improvements in certain areas of our current procedures”
Ross Barnes, Secom Australia, (General Manager)

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