Want to save money preparing for Quality Assurance Certification?

This week we are running a special promotion for people returning to our website for the second time.

We realise that if you don’t take action on your second visit you’ll probably not choose us to help you prepare for certification.

So here’s what we are prepared to do:

If you have already received a quote from us for a full service project we will instantly deduct $1,000 from your quoted price. Just call Mike on 1800 503 401 and ask for the “returning visitor discount”.

If you have not yet received a quote, you have two options:

1. Call us on 1800 503 401 and tell us you are a returning website visitor and want the $1000 discount applied to your quote or

2. Click the “get a free quote” button and in the comments section write “Returning Visitor Discount”. We will then apply the discount to your quote.

Sound fair enough?

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