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In the mean time, here are the answers to some frequently asked question you may be asking now:

I’ve been told it takes 6-12 months to get certified. How long does it take to get certified with your method?

We’ve done this for over 200 companies in the past 12 years. Some were certified in less than 20 days.

If we can’t do it in 90 days or less we offer some of your money back. We could probably offer ALL your money back because we NEVER fail – unless you don’t keep up your end of the bargain.

What should I look for when choosing a consulting firm?

In our experience, the companies who have the easiest path to certification have three things in common:

  1. They hire a consulting firm that is clear about how to effectively adapt and implement Management Standards to their situation …
  2. They choose a consulting firm with sufficient experience in their industry or in related industries to qualify them to help … and …
  3. They select a consulting firm who can shoulder the bulk of the work for them so they can maintain their focus on the primary business functions of managing and building their business.

Once I’m certified, do I need to continue to pay you for services?

No, our fees are “one off”. Once certified, ALL our clients are able to manage and maintain their own management systems without our ongoing help. So we know our method works.

  • All our clients pass their certification the very first time they get audited. This is comforting to know. And is because of the high level of compliance and accuracy of our documentation and training provided
  • All clients are pleasantly surprised at how easy the process is. We seem to turn a usually dry topic of compliance into something that is useful, practical and in some ways surprisingly enjoyable
  • And all easily maintain certification without needing further help from us. Which is a great relief to many because ongoing consulting fees can really add up.

How do I know you’re not full of fluff?

Over 40 testimonials and case studies on our website (just a sample of clients surveyed) describe just how easy we make it and how happy they are with both the process and the final result. Check them out here: endorsements

Do you have experience in my industry?

We work with clients in mining, engineering, drilling, construction, civil works, architecture, IT and design (to name a few), … you name it and we’ve probably helped someone in your industry gain Management Standards Certification successfully and quickly.

I see you’ve worked with some big companies, do work with small clients too?

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. From one man operations to businesses with 1200 or more people spread across every state of Australia. And everything in between.

Bottom line:

If you need certification to win tenders we can help you get certified — and hopefully winning more tenders — in 90 days or less.

Thanks for reading,

Mike Low
Ph: 1800 503 401