Gap Analysis

Sometimes our clients have put a lot of effort into their certification preparation and simply need confirmation of their readiness. Companies in this situation do not need system development, they need a “Gap Analysis”.

As the term suggests, your consultant will review the documentation you provide against your nominated standard(s) (i.e. ISO 9001, AS/NZS 4801, or ISO 14001), and provide a report on what is missing.

Our consultant will also provide suggestions, procedures, forms/registers, etc. to help fill in the gaps. From this point of view, we are really providing a gap analysis and gap filling service.

Furthermore, if our consultant can see better and simpler ways to help you comply with the standards, he will discuss these with you.

In all of our services, we are not simply providing you with a manual or a report, we want you to feel comfortable and confident as you prepare for your certification audit. And because of this, the consultant will be providing any necessary training, feedback, and ongoing support all the way to certification.

To help keep you on track, we also offer an internal audit service which not only cuts down on your workload toward compliance, but it also helps to have an external/independent person to help you stay on track with your management systems.

To find out more about our gap analysis service, simply fill out the free quote request form here.  Or call our help desk on 1800 503 401.