How do you justify the cost of ISO 9001 certification?

Are you asking if the cost of ISO 9001 certification makes sense for your business?

There are a number of ways to look at. For example, the cost can often be justified by the savings made through reducing the cost associated with poor quality.

Typically, if the investment in certification body audits is less than the amount of money you can make by winning new tenders you wouldn’t otherwise have access to then the decision is easy to justify.

Although, obviously, there are other factors.

But if you stand to gain a return on investment many times above the cost of certification, and if the new tender opportunities you have access to with certification are desirable, the decision becomes a no brainier.

The good news is: We make the whole process simple, fun and fast. You can be winning new and bigger projects before you know it.

In fact, we typically help our clients get certified 50% faster than their competitors … with savings of as much as $3000 to $15000 in the first year