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Goliath Cranes

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System design and certification to ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems or Quality Assurance systems)

Introduction to the organisation:

Goliath Cranes had been in operation 12 months when the Quality Assurance process began. GOliath Cranes is situated in Brisbane, Queensland

Goliath Cranes design, manufacture and install overhead cranes and general engineering.

Case Study:

Mid February 2006, work commenced on documenting systems to ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems).

Work commenced with regular interviews with management scheduled over a period of 6 weeks. The purpose of these interviews was to record Goliath Cranes’ processes.

A quality management system was designed within 2 weeks of the completion of interviews.

Management were given a draft copy of the quality management system for review. Management took just under a week to review the completed documentation.

A final copy of the system was prepared and management were trained in the quality management system.

Goliath Crane’s management decided to push ahead with certification and a date for 11 May was set.

The quality management system was implemented over the next few weeks with regular follow ups from Compliancehelp’s QA consultant.

The day of certification arrived, 11 May 2006. A team of auditors from International Certifications Pty Ltd arrived to perform the audit. The results of the audit were as follows:

  • Major Corrective Actions: 0
  • Minor Corrective Actions: 0

3 months after commencement of the process toward certification, Goliath Cranes was certified to ISO 9001

Managing Director:

John Thompson


19/63 Burnside Rd, Yatala, Brisbane, Queensland


(07) 3287 4190


(07) 3287 4197






“Very good. Easy to understand. Made everything excellent. Was made in a language I could understand.”

“Damon made himself available. He kept ringing and checking up to make sure we were doing it all.”

“The job ran very smoothly”.

Pauline Thompson, Goliath Cranes (Administration Manager)


“I felt confident going into the audit.”

“It feels good to be certified.”

“Alot of people I’ve spoken to have been in business for years and have not even entertained the thought of being certified. We have been in business for 18 months and are certified already.”

John Thompson, Goliath Cranes (Managing Director)


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