It is made very achievable with a highly competent consultant…

    David Brown Gear Industries:

    “Thanks for the recent assistance with the complete replacement of our Quality and Environmental Management system following a change in our business structure.

    Due to business and market changes we’d lost a lot of skill in a number of our departments and your consultant was a breath of fresh air to us. The consultants approach was methodical and made excellent use of resources at our facility in order to achieve the objectives. We ended up being presented with a document that we would have struggled to put together ourselves in terms of quality and accuracy of our own business practices.

    The documents were easy to follow, contained excellent forms which we were able to implement quickly into the business and provided an almost cheat sheet on requirements to meet the standards.

    Our recent surveillance audit achieved our best comments in our 13 year accreditation history. The auditor was not only impressed with the methodology and audit process but completely confident in the staff competence that were trained by your consultant.

    Looking back, yes there is a significant amount of work for the business, but it is made very achievable with a highly competent consultant and the excellent tools available from Compliancehelp.

    Thank you.”

    David Hinchcliff, Business Services Manager Asia Pacific, David Brown Gear Industries